International Juried Design Award & Competition

A' Design Award & Competition is the Worlds' largest annual juried design competition that honors best designers, architects, and design oriented companies worldwide to provide them publicity, fame and recognition. The A' Design Accolades are organized and awarded internationally in a wide array of categories ranging from industrial design to architecture. Every year, projects that focus on innovation, technology, design and creativity are awarded with the A' Award to push them further for success.

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The Award

A' Design Award & Competition aims to create publicity, PR push and advertisement opportunities for award winners while supporting the global design culture, creating incentives for entrants to come up with superior designs for a better future.

★ History of A' Award


Submitted entries are judged by an experienced jury panel composed of academics, design professionals and media members. Voting is blind to ensure fair competition. Entries with the highest score are awarded.

★ Methodology

How to Enter

It takes a few steps to enter.

1. Register & Upload
2. Preliminary Evaluation
3. Update if Necessary
4. Nominate

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★ Terms & Conditions


There are three time periods for entrants to submit their works: Early, Regular and Late. Throughout the year, between the dates April 1 to March 30, entrants will be able to get an indicative score regarding their submissions through the ongoing preliminary evaluation service provided to all submissions free of charge.

Early Regular Late
Entry Open: April 1, 2021 Entry Open: July 1, 2021 Entry Open: October 1, 2021
Entry Close: June 30, 2021 Entry Close: September 30, 2021 Entry Close: February 28, 2022

Timeline for Results Announcement and Confirmations: 1. Results will be announced to public on Designers' Day, April 15, based on jury voting status, designers will have the opportunity to learn their results earlier. 2. Immediately following the public results announcement, award winners will be requested to proofread and edit yearbook details to prepare the best designs book. 3. World Design Rankings will be updated on April 15. 4. PR Campaign for all award winners will launch simultaneously through press releases, media sponsorship and through other channels. 5. Designers will be invited to take several actions including; RSVP for Gala Night Participation, RSVP for Exhibition Participation, A' Design Award Surveys. All these information will be communicated via email to the award winning participants, step by step, to ensure that every participant has time to prepare for the post-competition events. Timeline for Award Winners: The timetable for the award ceremony is subject to change, the following information is provided to have an overall insight regarding the flow of events: 1. La Notte Premio A' , the Gala Night & Awarding Ceremony, usually takes place on third week of June. 2. The Award Winners' Exhibition at Mood is usually held in parallel with the award ceremony at the same dates, lasting two to four weeks. 3. Incontro con i Designer meetings will take place in parallel to the exhibition. 4. Physical components of the award winners' kit are distributed during the Gala Night and Exhibition. Participants who would not be able to take part in the celebration will have the ability to order the kit to be delivered to their addresses.

Winners' Kit

• Extensive PR Campaign
• Press Release Preparation
• Press Release Distribution
• Communicated to Magazines
• Communicated to Blogs
• Newsletter Announcement
• Award Trophy
• Winners' Certificate
• Exhibition Certificate 
• Winners Badges
• Competition Logo
• Good Design Mark
• Participants' Certificate

• Option to Sell Winning Designs
• Sales Listing for Winning Products
• Inclusion in Designer Rankings
• Competition Statistics
• Score Sheet
• Yearbook Publication
• Gala-Night Invitation
• The Annual Yearbook
• Physical Exhibition
• Feedback Notes by the Jury
• Winner Services
• IDNN & DXGN Syndication
• Inclusion in World Design Rankings 

• Proof of Creation Document
• Winners' Manual 
• Inclusion in Business Network
• Marketing and Consultancy
• Project Assessment
• World Design Consortium Invitation
• Translations to 20+ Languages
• Prestige, Honor, Recognition.

★ What is A' Design Award?

Press Kits

A' Design Award & Competitions' Press Kits are content rich and useful. Press Kits for Award winning designs include plethora of information and visual content to help you prepare the best articles in the design niche. Included in our press kits are higher-resolution photos, profile images, logos, videos, website information, interviews and other press information including additional PR Images of the designers, client logos and designers' pictures. Press members can download high-resolution and unmasked versions of press kit contents once they are logged in as an accredited press-members. If you are not yet registered as a press member, you can become one through press accreditation; it is free and fast; simply register to A' Design Award and after login, find and click on the link: "Convert to Press Account".

★ Press Kits


A’ Design Award & Competition publishes interviews with the award winning designers, architects and companies at Press members are granted right to use the interviews in their articles, and design enthusiasts can check the designers’ interviews to learn more from the best of the best in design.

★ Design Interviews

Design Rankings

Get a chance to represent your country by taking part in the International A' Design Award & Competition. Award winners are included in both World Design Rankings; countries are ranked based on the number of awards won each year.

★ World Design Rankings


The Design Award presentation is available in all languages. Checkout "Design International" for further languages.

Image Credits: Land of Flowers by Gabriela Delgado, Golden West Bay by Mz Architects, Amg by Matteo Mescalchin, Golden Moon by Laboratory For Explorative Architecture & Design Ltd , Artificial Topography by Ryumei Fujiki , Opx2 Optic Installation by Jonathon Anderson, Metal Trophy by OMC² Design Studios, Red Trophy by i.materialise. Enjoy more works and designs by checking our winners.

Design Award Categories

A' Design Award & Competition is open to submissions from entries in 110 categories. Each category has a distinct evaluation and submission criteria. Submissions can be made to Furniture Design, Interiors, Electronic Devices, Architecture, Packaging, Graphic Design, Ready-Made, Jewelry Design, Interfaces, Web Sites, Transportation, Yacht Design and others. View a list of all design award categories and requirements.

Press Partners

The A' Design Award has established press partnership with the World's leading design publications who publishes the call for entries and a selection of the awarded works. The total circulation of A' Design Awards' press partners reaches 400 million monthly readers which provides a significant visibility for A' Design Award winners.

design award press partners

Grand Jury

Entries to the A' Design Award are evaluated by an internationally influential expert 170+ member large jury panel of prominent press members, established academics and design professionals. Visit A' Design Award jury page for more details.

Previous Winners

Laureates of The A' Design Award & Competition include but not limited to World's top brands, large enterprises and organizations in addition to professional designers and architects. Please visit the winners page at to browse more winners.

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Visit to learn more about Award Winning Designers, the design competition jury, media appearances, press kits, interviews, and gain access to free tools such as preliminary evaluation, proof of creation documents and more. Visit A' Design Award.

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